PhilosophyOur firm is dedicated to treating clients the way we want to be treated. We understand that the debt issue you are facing might be causing you to feel fearful, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, angry, and even embarrassed. Knowing that your case is in good hands with our firm will help alleviate the heightened emotion you are feeling.


Personalized Approach…We take a personalized approach centered around client education. First listening to the client and understanding their issue, educating them on their options, and moving forward with the best plan for their case. We learn from our previous clients, research, education, and our training. We believe in working with the client as a team to get you through the legal process with the best possible outcome.

Value We Bring…The Cipriano Law Firm brings exceptional value to your debt collection case because we handle cases against original creditors, debt collectors, and debt buyers on a daily basis in Hillsborough County, surrounding counties, and throughout the State of Florida. The Cipriano Law Firm has successfully defended debt collection lawsuits which have earned our clients millions of dollars of debt being completely eliminated.


Trust and Confidence…Our law firm has worked very hard to develop relationships with our clients built on trust, dependability, and mutual respect. Throughout the years we have earned the trust and confidence of our clients which allows them to feel comfortable seeking our legal advice. Like our clients, we want you to feel comfortable discussing your legal issues with us and we look forward to earning your trust and confidence.